Guitar Maintenance

 Guitar Maintenance 

A common problem with all guitar students everywhere is that their guitars aren't fully maintained to the best that they can be.  Many guitars can be difficult to play or enjoy based on many differend factors.  To keep guitar students enjoying their lessons, Andrea's Music Studio offers guitar maintenance to all students.  Students can leave their guitar after their lesson to be fixed or re-strung and picked up within the week. 


Guitar and Ukulele Maintenance

Guitar Ukulele Maintenance

For a printable PDF of the document above please follow this link: Guitar and Ukulele Maintenance

Symptoms of an unmaintained guitar

 Symptoms of an unmaintained guitar

  • Dead strings (dull/thumpy sound) 
  • Poor action (strings are hard to push down on)
  • Poor intonation (strings aren't in tune across the fretboard) 
  • Bad tuning keys (loose or broken tuning keys) 

Characteristics of a maintained guitar

Characteristics of a maintained guitar 

  • Bright clear sound
  • Easier to press on frets
  • Fully in tune when tuned to the nut of the guitar

Packages and Pricing

Packages and Pricing 

1. Please note that all service prices DO NOT include the price of strings. You may: 

 a.  Purchase strings on your own and bring them in when dropping off your guitar or other stringed instrument 

 b. Purchase Optima Strings through Leon at the studio. (more info in Optima Strings section below)

2. A HARDWARE REPLACEMENT is usually followed by a RESTRING or FULL SET UP 

3. Guitars and other instruments left for service will not be returned until the invoice has been PAID IN FULL. 


 Service  Instrument   Price 
RESTRINGS   Steel string Guitar / Bass / Ukulele  $20.00
12-string / Locking Trem / Classical / Mandolin  $30.00
 SET UPS   Ukulele  $55.00
 Mandolin  $75.00
 Electric or Acoustic Guitar / Bass
 Locking Trem / 12-string / Resonator
FRETWORK: Fret edge dress  $50
Fret level - partial  $20 per fret + setup price
Fret level - full  $150 + setup price
HARDWARE REPLACEMENT (#2) Tuners / Nut / Bridge / Saddle(s) $20 + price of part

Component Replacement**

 $40 + component price
Pickup installation $60 + setup price

**component replacement could include:  (output jack, pot, pickup selector switch)



Optima Strings (purchase through studio)

 Optima Strings 

Leon Tsorbatzoglou is a local representative for Optima Strings

You may chose to purchase strings through Leon at the studio when re-stringing or setting up your guitar or other stringed instrument. 

We recommend the following great options: 

String  Price 
Acoustic Steel String Bronze Acoustics  $16.50
Acoustic Steel String Gold Acoustics   $27 
Electric String Chrome Electric 
Electric String Maxiflex 24K Gold   $24.75
Acoustic Nylon String 3/4 Silver Classics   $12
Acoustic Nylon String Gold Classics  $21
Bass String Chrome Flatwounds   $57
Bass String 24K Gold Bass Roundwounds   $66
Bass String Chrome Roundwounds $40.50
Mandolin String Mandolin Chrome Polished $27


Please feel free to browse their website OPTIMA STRINGS and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order.