Guitar Lessons Overview


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Camping is much more fun with a guitar sing-a-long!  Start lessons with us today on the most portable of all the instruments.  Our knowledgable instructors can teach you anything from basic chording and strumming for the camp fire sing-a-long to complicated guitar riffs for your heavy metal cover band. 

 Your teacher will work toward the style you, the student want to play. They will teach the skills necessary and progress toward your playing genre and goals. Students will progress through the levels listed below at varying speeds. Speed of progression is dependant upon the student's ability, practice time, focus and home/family support.





Beginner - Advanced Private Lessons

$23.50 per 30 minutes
$35.25 per 45 minutes
$47.00 per 1 hour



$16 per person per 30 minutes 

$24 per person per 45 minutes

$32 per person per 1 hour


    * Private lessons are our preferred method however there may be some situations where a semi-private lesson can be of benefit.  You will need to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly to discuss your situation and decide if semi-private lessons will work in your specific situation.  You can also contact Andrea by phone (902) 469-7193 (ext.2) 


 Four locations serving all of HRM including Dartmouth, Sackville, Halifax, Bedford, Beaverbank, Hammonds Plains, Tantallon, Eastern Passage, Cole Harbour and Clayton Park.

Beginner Guitar Lessons


Guitar Lessons (Acoustic or Electric) 


  1. Introduction to small three note chords
  2. Simple strumming patterns (variations on simple strumming patterns, adding up strums)
  3. Simple sing-a-long songs (Yellow Submarine, Brown-Eyed Girl)
  4. Introduction to tablature (Seven Nation Army, Star Wars Theme, Ode To Joy) with rhtyhm added through playback
  5. One octave scales in open position
  6. Introduction to reading staff music (Treble clef with line and space rhymes) 
  7. Tuning a guitar with a tuner
  8. Resources: Mel Bay Guitar Method Level 1, Hal Leonard Kids Level 1, Hal Leonard Guitar Method Level 1

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons  (Acoustic or Electric) 


  1. Introduction to full guitar open chords
  2. Introduction to complex open chords (add9, suspended chords, 7th chords)
  3. Advanced strumming patterns (Magic Strum, Standard Strum, 3/4 strumming)
  4. Introduction to walking bass lines and broken chords
  5. Intermediate songs with more complicated chord structures
  6. Introduction to song forms (AABA, Blues, Pop song structure)
  7. Introduction to moveable chords (bar chords)
  8. Two octave scales and moveable scales (positioning)
  9. Scales formulas and chord building
  10. Introduction to accidentals and key signatures
  11. Advanced Treble staff reading (chords on the staff, more complex rhythm, sight reading) 
  12. Use of tablature to convey position on the guitar with riffs and chord structures
  13. Introduction to simple fingerpicking 
  14. Tuning a guitar by ear
  15. Resources: Berklee Method Level 1


Advanced Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons (Acoustic or Electric) 


  1. Introduction to complex moveable chords (dominant 7th, 9th chords, major and minor 7th chords)
  2. Guitar Styles (Jazz, Blues, Latin, Rock, Heavy Metal, Country)
  3. Classical techniques for both left and right hands
  4. Advanced fingerpicking techniques
  5. Hybrid picking techniques (flat pick and fingers)
  6. Improvisation (Jazz standard, blues, funk, rock n' roll)
  7. Modes of the major scale
  8. Complex scales (Lydian Dominant, Whole Tone, Altered, Diminished)
  9. Chorded melodies (playing chords and melodies at the same time)
  10. Introduction to the Bass Staff
  11. Advanced sight reading of both the Treble and Bass staff 
  12. Chord Progressions (how chords relate to each other) 
  13. How to transcribe guitar solos in any genre
  14. Speed techniques and proper position on the guitar
  15. Resources: Berklee Method Level 2