Adaptive Lessons

What are Adaptive Lessons? 

Many children with special needs or developmental diagnoses may struggle in a traditional music lesson where the teacher may not have the training to accomodate the child's learning style or adapt to behavioral, social or cognitive issues.  The primary goal of Adaptive Lessons in contrast to Music Therapy is to help these children with the acquisition of music skills.  In adaptive lessons, education and training in working with these populations is applied to provide the best possible music learning experience for the child.  While learning an instrument may benefit the child in other ways, the teacher is not addressing any treament goals related to the client's diagnosis. 

Adaptive Lessons May Be Best When:

  • ┬ĚThe child wants to learn an instrument and has tried traditional lessons, but did not have a successful experience due to behavioral, verbal, cognitive or other difficulties that the teacher was unable to work with.
  • ┬ĚThe child has already received Music Therapy treatment for some time (or other outside treatment), treatment goals have been met or are in the process of being met, and the parent(s) and therapist agree that the child is now ready for adaptive lessons.

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